(VIDEO) Complete Marketing Tutorial For Business Owners in 2022 (Marketing 101)


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Watch the video but here’s the script for reference:

Did you know that you were lied to your entire life about marketing?

Many people think they need to just go out and buy some ads… however, you’ll quickly find that there’s a lot more to it than that.

These days more than ever… you need to heavily invest in the places where people look for what you sell.

This is called Inbound or Attraction marketing and it’s the most important step when setting up your business for marketing success.

In this video, I’m going to walk you through the full attraction marketing process from beginning to end and give you the TOP 7 ways to consistently bring in a huge amount of new leads.

That way you’ll 1) attract more customers 2) make the phone ring and 3) grow your business!

>>David “Let’s do this.”

Super Short Intro

Hi, I’m Ryan Yeti and THANK YOU for clicking the video and hanging out with me for a while.

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Okay, so you run a business and you need MORE clients?

First thing’s first! You gotta figure out
1) what you’re doing right…
2) what you’re doing wrong…
and 3) what you’re not doing yet.

What’s that phrase we always say?

>>David: “You need to be in the places where people look for what you sell”.

Right. So say you’re selling insurance… What is the FIRST thing prospects do when they realize… “Hey… you know, I think I might NEED some insurance?”

They go online and search for it of course.

These days, for businesses doing it right, the Internet is essentially a giant sales funnel that’s constantly streaming in new potential customers.

And this is what we want for you and your business.

If you’re not getting clients yet from the Internet, it means your funnel is broken and we need to fix it.

Let’s first look at your Reviews & search engines rankings.

For this example, we’re going to pretend we’re an insurance company but this can apply to almost any industry or business.

Do this… go over to a search engine and type the word Insurance, then the city you’re in.

I’m in Canada so for example, I’m going to type in “Toronto Insurance”

Alright, there’s 3 things to look for on this page. 1. Google ads 2. Local listings and 3. SEO.

Google Ads are those listings at the top that Google tries to disguise as the actual search results. They used to be pretty easy to spot but now the only way you can tell is that little bold “AD” beside each of them.

Google Ads are CPC or Cost per Click meaning that you only pay if customers click these links. These can be great advertising investments if you set them up right, however, it can be complex so I’d recommend reaching out to a marketing pro for help with this.

>>David “Or figure it out yourselves, you look smart enough!”

Next let’s look at the listings beside the map. These are called Google Local Listings. When you first set up your business address on Google Maps, you may remember using a service called “Google My Business”. Well that information is displayed here.

For this section, you’re going to wanna make sure you have quality pictures of your work, a great description and make sure you fill out everything you can with lots of links back to your website.

You can then promote or optimize your business listing to be one of these top 3 listings. This is a fantastic way to get new clients.

Next, see how each of these listings show star reviews right underneath them?

These reviews are some of the most important marketing tools you have. 93% of customers will make buying decisions based on reviews, so it’s imperative that you put some focus on these and get a ton of 5 star reviews.

(Source: https://www.qualtrics.com/blog/online-review-stats/)

But how do you do that? Well, obviously provide an amazing service with tremendous value to clients and ask them to leave you a review.

>>David “But what if they were an a$$hole?”

Well, and that’s the problem, upset/angry clients tend to be eager to leave bad reviews and happy clients tend to forget to leave 5 star reviews. So another thing you can do is send clients review gateway emails.

What are review gateway emails? Well, after you finish work with a client, you can use this service to send out an email or text message asking them to leave you a 5 star review with 2 options…

Either YES, you’ll leave a Google review where the service directs them immediately to Google to leave that 5 star review or..

NO and the service will direct them to a feedback page where there’s an apology message and they can leave you an angry message on how you can improve.

This is great because you can set this up to automatically be sent to your customers after using your service to get tons of 5 star reviews and you don’t risk accidentally getting bad reviews from upset clients.

Make sense?

>>David “So we send happy clients to rate us on Google and the a-holes to a website form?”

Pretty much

>>David “Niiiice””

Okay, next, is something called Search Engine Optimization or SEO. This refers to the ranking of these top rankings. You can actually pay a marketing agency to have you rank in the #1 spot of these searches. Be careful though, there are a million companies that say they can do SEO but only a few that are any good.

But, if they do it right and you end up ranking in the #1 position for this, it can be one of the best ways to consistently obtain new clients.

However, say you’re ranking really high already for SEO and already have great reviews on Google.

Next, we have to see what’s going on with

your Logo, Website & Video

Now, you can have the highest ranking website in search engines and the best reviews but if people click on your website and find that your website & logo are outdated, slow or looks bad, you’re not going to convert them into clients.

>>David: How’s your logo? Does it look like your nephew made it in Microsoft Paint?

>>David: How’s your website? Is it lookin’ like it belongs in MySpace in 2004?

If you answered YES to either of those questions, definitely invest in improving both of these. They are part of your marketing foundation and some of the most important marketing tools you have as a business today.

But remember, just because you have a pretty website & logo, it doesn’t mean that they will get you new clients. The person or agency that makes it should have knowledge & experience in conversion… meaning that if 100 people visit your website, how many actually convert into clients?

For example, the top section of your website is extremely important. Some people call it the hero section or the section “above the fold”.

“Above the fold” gets its name from newspapers. Remember those? A few of you may remember buying newspapers waaay back in the day. They’d be stacked and folded with all the most important headlines and images appearing “above the fold”.

The same is true with your website. You’ll want to put your most attention grabbing headline & images in the top section of your website.

But what if you want to take things ever further?

Well, let me ask you this… what do you think is the second biggest search engine in the world? You know the leading search engine is Google so second you’d probably think Bing or Yahoo or something.

Nope, believe it or not, it’s actually YouTube. YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world and more than ever people are watching and listening to information instead of reading it.

That’s why I believe one of the most important marketing tools available today (other than your website) is a video that sells.

Why? Well if you have a great video that pitches your business in the best and most concise way possible you can use that video everywhere. On social media, in paid ads and even as a play button on your website to help increase your conversion rate.!

Alright, so now you have an incredible brand, website & video that converts customers like crazy and you appear high in search engines with great SEO and you have a tone of 5 star reviews.

Often, THIS is enough to consistently bring in tonnes of new customers all on their own.

However, if you want even MORE customers. There are additional things you can do.

Now let’s talk about Outbound Marketing…

The social media marketing & online advertising landscape has been changing rapidly every single year.

To expand your marketing net, there are 3 effective ways to do it.

>>David: If you’re not lazy, you can start putting out content yourself.

Do you have valuable knowledge or skill sets that can help others? If so, that’s great! Start consistently making videos on that topic.

Depending on your target demographic, you’ll likely find that you’ll get the most organic reach on TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube.

However, Snapchat and even Pinterest videos are performing well recently so definitely check those out as well.

>>David: You can pay a marketing agency to consistently make social posts for you.

As a business owner, it’s extremely difficult to run your business while growing your audience online. That’s why many businesses often choose to hire a marketing agency to do it for them.

That way, if a potential client is looking at your business online, they’ll be able to see that you keep your social media up to date with current posts and these posts will consistently be presenting your business to potential customers throughout the year.

>>David: You can take the video we talked about earlier and promote it!

Believe it or not, paid video ads can still work if you do them right. Especially now that you made sure your attraction marketing game is set up right.

With video, you can promote it all over online. You can hire a marketing agency to do this for you or you can do it yourself!

We’ve found some of our best return on investments on Facebook, TikTok and Pinterest of all places. But we’re always experimenting and trying new things!

So that’s it!

You have appear in the first spot in search engines (with SEO)
You have a tone of 5 star reviews
You have a gorgeous new logo
You have a website that converts clients for your 24/7!
You have a quality video that you can use on both your website or social media
You have fresh, up to date, social media channels
You can invest in paid ads whenever you like to smooth out slow periods.

This is the perfect balance of outbound and inbound (attraction marketing).

For most businesses, this is an excellent marketing game plan that should get you results.

However, if you want even MORE clients, I’d recommend looking into trying out an annual marketing campaign where you invest your marketing dollars in one big push every year.

This way you can break through the noise and stand out from all your competition. More on this strategy later.

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Thanks for watching you beautiful humans and keep attracting success!

Much love.

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